How to Sell Golf Carts

By Steve Silverman

Two golf carts in parking lot
To many golfers, the idea of selling a golf cart never enters the thought process. When they play at a club, they usually ride in the golf cart the course provides. But the course does not "give" the golfer the cart. They rent it to you for your round. Purchasing your own cart can save money in the long run and you can put your own personal touches on it. If you buy, you probably will want to sell it at some point.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
  1. Put up a sign in the locker room saying you have a golf cart for sale. Describe your cart and tell the prospective buyer the amenities your cart has to offer. List your price, glue a picture to the sign and give your contact information.
  2. Contact your local newspapers and put a classified ad in the paper. This will be somewhat costly, but you will reach a large audience and chances are you will find a customer. Describe your cart and use a few words to explain why your cart is a great buy.
  3. Sell your cart online at eBay. You can reach a vast audience of Internet buyers who might be interested in purchasing your cart. Take a picture of your cart, describe it and give your price and contact information.
  4. Put up a flier in your local supermarket or community center. While you can sell your cart to somebody who is out of the area, you will have to absorb at least some of the costs of transporting it to the new buyer. If you can sell it locally, you won't have that hassle (or those costs). Go to a store with a lot of foot traffic so you can reach the most customers.
  5. Go to a specialty golf store in your area. If you have kept your cart in good shape and it has any unique characteristics -- unique design, air conditioning or a radio -- they might be willing to buy it from you or sell it on your behalf.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be creative. Make sure you put information that entices the reader to at least make the call and ask more questions.


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