How to Add 10 Yards to Your Drives

By Contributing Writer

Three things you can count on in life are death, taxes and everyone wanting to hit their drives further. Not only do longer drives give you the advantage of being able to use a shorter, more lofted club for your approach shot, they also make golf more fun. Some techniques that increase driving distance are difficult to implement for the average golfer. For example, hitting a power draw will increase topspin and add considerable distance to your drives. However, a power draw is just a couple of degrees from a snap hook, and extra distance won't help you if the ball goes into trouble or worse yet, leaves the course altogether. What you really need is a common sense method for adding yards to your drive. Incorporate a few time-tested tips into your driving routine and you will immediately add 10 yards to driving distance.


Difficulty: Moderate
Step 1
Hit the ball between the center and the top of the clubface to maximize distance when using today's modern drivers. Use impact tape or put a dot on the back of your ball with a nonpermanent, felt-tip marker to see where the ball is contacting your driver. Experiment with teeing the ball at different heights until you are hitting the ball just north of center on the driver clubface.
Step 2
Hit the ball with a 5-degree increase in your launch angle, and the ball will automatically fly 10 yards further. Moving the ball 4 to 5 inches forward in your stance will increase your launch angle without your needing to make any additional changes to your swing.
Step 3
Address the ball with the shaft of your driver at a 45-degree angle. You can measure the angle of your driver shaft using any square object such as a piece of poster board cut into a perfect square. Place the bottom of your driver shaft at one end of the board and your club grip at the opposite end. Memorize this angle in your head so that you can repeat it on the tee box.
Step 4
Hit the ball when the head of your driver is slightly on the upswing. You should either have someone else watch you or better yet, videotape yourself. Make sure that you are striking the ball on the upswing rather than at the bottom of your swing arc.
Step 5
Practice swinging the clubhead faster, but complete your follow-through to maintain balance. Emulate those professional golfers who drive the ball far, but don't appear to be swinging excessively hard. Grip it and rip it, but maintain your balance or you will sacrifice accuracy.

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