19th Hole Trick or Treat

By George N Root III

If your golf course is open during the Halloween season you can increase your business by creating a 19th hole trick-or-treat party all season long. Setting up a 19th hole trick or treat is easy and when you advertise it be sure that you mention any other specials you have going on in the clubhouse as well.


Difficulty: Easy
Step 1
Take 50 of the tickets from the roll of tickets and place them into various bags of tees, bags of ball markers or tape them to the outside of a bag of snacks.
Step 2
Write on one piece of white paper write the word "driver," write "putter" on another and "towel" on a third. Mix in with the other pieces of paper.
Step 3
Fold the 50 pieces of paper, including the three you have written on, and put one each into the 50 envelopes and seal the envelopes. Keep the envelopes by the cash register. Fill the large metal bowl with all the bags of prizes with tickets on them or in them, and then include bags of prizes with no tickets.
Step 4
Decorate the clubhouse with the Halloween decorations.
Step 5
Advertise the 19th hole trick or treat in the local newspaper and with flyers put up around the course. Include in the advertising that prizes will only be given out as long as supplies last and that the prizes will end the day after Halloween. You do not have to make dressing in a costume mandatory, but you might want to reward people who wear costumes with two chances at winning instead of one.
Step 6
Let each golfer choose one bag from the metal bowl after their round. Do not allow the participants to feel around and try to choose a bag they want. They must reach in quickly and grab the first thing they come into contact with or they are disqualified. Allow one trick or treat per paid round and allow the same people to participate as much as they want as long as they purchase a round of golf each time.
Step 7
Allow each golfer with a ticket from a prize bag to open an envelope. Let the participant choose the envelope out of the stack. A blank piece of paper means no extra prize, and a piece of paper with writing on it wins the prize indicated.

Tips & Warnings

You do not need to limit the larger prizes to only three. You can have as many large prizes as you want, but make sure the promotion still brings in a profit. Use the large prizes as advertising gimmicks.

About The Author

George N Root III is a writer that is located in Lockport, NY. Publishing credits include a weekly column in the Lockport Union Sun and Journal along with published articles at BrightHub.com, the SUNY at Buffalo Spectrum, Niagara Falls Gazette, Tonawanda News, Watertown Daily News and the Buffalo News. He has a degree in English from SUNY at Buffalo.


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