How to Choose Golf Training Devices

By Les Miller

There are many different types of golf training devices available in the marketplace---from clubs that break apart when you swing incorrectly to jackets that hold your arms in the right position while you swing. With all this "stuff" out there, where does a golfer start when trying to find the ones that will really help?


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Step 1
Improve your golf game by identifying the areas in your swing that need work. Once you have compiled this information, you are ready to start searching for golf training devices. A good idea is to seek professional help in choosing training aids. Take a lesson from a PGA Professional and ask his assistance in choosing training aids that fit your swing.
Step 2
Look for simplicity. If training devices look complicated or hard to use, they're probably not going to work. The best training devices are the ones that are simple to use. For example, if you want to increase your swing speed, purchase a heavy driver. The heavy club will build up your golf muscles, which will increase your swing speed. It will also help your timing and improve your swing, but best of all, you'll just hit balls with it. Simple.
Step 3
Seek feedback on training aids before purchasing one. If you see golfers using a training device, ask them how it is working for them. Is it helping? Go online and get feedback from others who have purchased these products. Make sure they have a money-back guarantee. If you purchase and it doesn't work, send it back! That's what the guarantee is for.
Step 4
Use common sense. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. No training device is going to help you hit the ball 50 yards further, lower your handicap 10 strokes or completely fix that big slice in a week or two. Some devices will help, but only if you put in the time and practice.

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Based in Southern California, Les Miller has been a freelance correspondent writing golf-related articles for more than 20 years. His articles have appeared in the "World Golf Wire," "Dicks Sporting Goods" magazine and Better A former PGA golf professional, Miller formerly worked for several major golf companies as the vice president of sales and marketing and the director of research and development.


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