How to Pitch It Close From a Tight Lie

By Patrick Foley

Pitching the ball to a close pin can be a difficult task. With the proper angle of attack, it becomes a simple plan of execution. When pitching it close, you will need to put a ball high up into the air for a quick stop, hit pitch up with lots of spin and make it check, or try to land a shot on the fringe and let it roll towards the hole. These three different attacks will give you a proper attack for any tight lie. All you have to do is pick the technique that best satisfies your game and focus on it.


Difficulty: Moderate
Step 1
Hit a flop shot. A flop shot is a specialty shot that will hit the ball up high into the air and then land with little or no movement, therefore stopping it. For this shot you must open up the club face and open up the stance. When hitting this shot put the ball a little back in the stance and then swing through and finish high. A shot like this will take a lot of precision, but with constant practice it will become a shot that comes in handy often.
Step 2
Make it bite. This shot comes off at about the same height as a normal pitch, but when it hits the green it will bite and stop shortly after. The key to this shot is to come down on the ball. Coming down on the ball creates the backspin that will make the ball stop upon landing. Therefore when hitting the shot, focus on coming down on the ball and accelerating through. This shot is a great shot for making it close every time especially from a tight lie.
Step 3
Execute the pitch and roll. A pitch and roll takes a normal pitch shot, but it is important to land the ball in an area where you know the ball will release and roll close to the hole. A shot like this relies more on the course landscape to make it an effective shot. Hitting this shot relies on the ability to land the ball on the fringe or off the green and control the distance it rolls toward the tight pin.
Step 4
Be smooth and confident. Whatever shot you choose to hit be confident that it is the right shot. However you decide to attack the hole hit a confident, smooth shot, and the best results will come. Trust your game.

About The Author

Patrick Foley is a writer from Phoenix, AZ. He is a sports fanatic and loves football, golf, and track. He has been writing for Golf Link for almost a year. He is a college football player at the University of Pennsylvania. He is enrolled in the Wharton Business School.He has have a wide set of skills in writing and marketing.

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