How to Plan a Halloween Golf Tournament

By George N Root III

Organizing a regular golf tournament can be difficult enough; when you add to this a Halloween theme, you add quite a lot to the amount of work to be done. But when the planning is over, you will be looking forward to a tournament that should be a lot of fun, and if advertised properly, it should be able to attract a high level of participation.


Difficulty: Moderate
Step 1
Anyone working the tournament but not playing in it should dress up. Halloween costumes are sometimes not the most comfortable outfits to play golf in, so refrain from requiring players to dress up while on the course. Make sure all of the paperwork for the tournament, from the sign-up sheet to the rules sheet, includes Halloween theme. Ask the golf course management to get involved by allowing you to decorate the starter's booth with some basic Halloween decorations. When you advertise, be sure to include the Halloween theme and to mention that a costume party will follow the tournament. Get local businesses involved by having them donate prizes for the players in exchange for prominent advertising spots at at the after-play party.
Step 2
During the actual playing there is very little that can be done for a Halloween theme. You cannot have people coming out of the woods to startle people, or loud noises being piped in through speakers placed in the woods because it will result in complaints from the golfers; however, you can decorate the course to some extent by placing small hanging decorations on each flag stick. Plastic spiders, plastic skeletons and other hanging decorations would be appropriate here.
Step 3
When playing is over, you can begin the Halloween-themed party in the clubhouse. Encourage golfers to put on costumes before they enter the clubhouse to claim their prizes. Designate some of the tournament workers as costume judges and set aside three top prizes for the costume contest. Cover all of the tables in the clubhouse with Halloween-themed table cloths, and play Halloween-themed music throughout the party. When you advertise the costume contest, emphasize the idea that golf-themed costumes will be given preference over any other kind of costume. Offer golf-themed costume ideas, such as: a full golfing outfit from the 1920's, complete with knickers and a flat hat; the outfit of a character from a popular golf-themed movie; or a Scottish costume to honor the country that invented the game of golf.
Step 4
Set up a large metal tube in the corner of the room on a plastic sheet, fill it with water and then fill it with apples for bobbing for apples. Tie together the idea of golf and Halloween by offering all participants a trick or treat bag filled with small gifts such as golf tees, ball markers and ball mark repair tools.

Tips & Warnings

Connect the game of golf to the Halloween theme as much as possible: Mix golf balls in with the apples during the apple bob, create a makeshift cemetery in a difficult part of the course and place inexpensive decorations on all of the golf carts.

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