How to Install Winn Grips

By Rowena Pedrena

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Winn grips are especially challenging because of their texture and design. Before installing your new grips, read the steps below to learn what it takes to get the task done right the first time. If installed incorrectly, Winn grips will tear or rip and you'll end up buying twice as many in the end.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
  1. Remove your old grip. If you have access to a mounted vise, you should use it. Be sure to have a rubber clamp to use with the vise to secure the club in place. If you don't own a vise or have access to one, you can make do without it but it will require more skill and patience.

    Either place your club in the vise, securing it firm by the shaft of the club, or place the club on a table and hold it in place with your hand. Take your hook blade (graphite shafts) or box cutter and cut the old grip starting from the thinner end moving towards the butt end. If can't slice through the entire grip that's okay, once you have made a sizable incision you should be able to pull the grip off. The original grip tape should come along with grip; if it doesn't, use your blade to remove it or peel it off by hand. For tougher tape use a heat gun or blow dryer to reheat the tape to peel it off.
  2. Make sure that the shaft is completely clean of any old tape or adhesive residue. Extra tape left on will add thickness to your grip that may be undesirable. Use the rubbing alcohol to remove any residue. Let the shaft air dry.
  3. Take your double sided grip tape and remove one side of the backing (does not matter which side) and wrap it around the end of the shaft, being sure to leave at least 1/4 inch of tape over the butt end of the shaft. If you're using a roll, place your grip along the side of the club to determine how long your tape strip should be. You should not have any tape that extends over the mouth of the grip once it's installed--it should be completely hidden to size the strip accordingly.

    Make sure that the tape strip is wrapped around the entire circumference of the shaft and there are no air bubbles or wrinkles in the tape. The tape should be smoothly affixed onto the shaft.
  4. Once you wrapped the tape around the shaft, peel the backing off the exposed side. Take the 1/4-inch excess on the butt end and wrap it over the end of the shaft so it completely covers the cut end of the shaft and tuck it into the inside of the shaft so it's hidden. This will prevent the grip for getting torn during installation and also help secure the end to the club while drying.
  5. Remove your Winn grip from its plastic wrapper if you have not done so already. There is a small hole at the end of the grip as well as the larger mouth or lip; place your finger over the small hole at the butt end of the grip. Squirt a generous amount of grip solution into the grip through the larger opening, cover that hole with your other hand and swish the solution inside of the grip. Place the grip over the taped shaft and remove your finger covering the small hole in order to run the solution over the grip tape. Make sure that both the tape and the inside of the grip are well coated and saturated with solution.
  6. Align the grip according to your preference and take the lip of the grip and slide it over the butt end of the club, continue to slide the entire grip onto the club until the butt end of the shaft hits the butt end of the grip. Try to do this as quickly as possible from the time the grip tape becomes moist, as the grip tape can dry quickly causing your grip to get stuck halfway through installation. Also avoid covering the butt end hole. It will serve as an air vent as you slide the grip along the shaft, so covering it may require more strength than necessary to slide it on completely. Once the grip is completely one push up against the butt end to ensure that there is no gap between the end of the shaft and the butt cap of the grip.

    You will have seconds before the grip will begin to "set" so use them wisely. Make any necessary alignment adjustments quickly.
  7. Remove the club from the vise and place stand it along the wall to dry. Let the club sit for 30 minutes. After, take a damp rag to clean off any excess solution.

    Repeat Steps 1 through 7 for each club that needs to be re-gripped.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be very generous with your use of solution. If you want, you can also place a basin under your vise to collect any solution that spills to reuse. Winn grips can be notoriously difficult to install because they are not made from rubber and are not as durable. If you fail to use enough solution your grip will get stuck mid way through or it can rip, wasting your valuable time and money.
  • This project is time consuming and involved, so start it when you have a window of free time open to focus on it.
  • If possible try to attend a club making class at your local golf shop to see how professional club repairmen do it.
  • Be careful when removing your old grip, always cut away from your body.
  • Use a hook blade when removing grips on graphite shafts; a straight blade will cut into the graphite, damaging it.

About the Author

Rowena Pedrena is currently working with The First Tee Metropolitan New York as a program manager and instructor. She played division one women's golf at Mount Saint Mary's College in Maryland, and has over seven years instruction experience, teaching adults and childrens both individually and in group classes.