How to Control Your Putting Speed

By Patrick Foley

It is extremely easy to control your putting speed through the stroke of the putter. The putting speed is controlled by the distance of the backswing and how far you follow through the ball. It is not difficult to control speed, but it takes a lot of practice to gain proper feel. There are a few key tips for you to think about when you're practicing putting and learning how to develop control over your putting speed.


Difficulty: Easy
Step 1
Develop a proper swing. It is important to gain a proper stroke to control your putting speed. There are a few keys to this that will help develop feel and consistency. First, you must try to keep the same speed throughout the stroke. Do not increase or decrease coming into or going away from the ball. If you are always changing speeds, then there will never be an exact feel for your putting because it will always be changing. It is extremely important to also have a longer stroke through the ball than on the backswing. The follow-through helps to control the speed and power of each putt.
Step 2
Create the proper club angle. The way in which your putter lies is also essential to controlling putting speed. If the putter is not aligned correctly where the clubface is square and level at the area of impact, then the putting speed will be thrown off and inconsistent. Try to focus on having the proper lie angle, and if it is awkward or unorthodox to do so, go get fitted by a professional club fitter for better results.
Step 3
Practice. Practicing is the number one area for exerting control over putting speed. If you practice every time you are out hitting balls, your control over your speed in putting will increase. A great drill is to place a ball at 3, 5 and 7 feet from the hole. Then putt each one in the hole. This will help you to develop the feel for different strokes, but also, focusing on the steps above, it will leave you with full control over your putting speed.

Tips & Warnings

Maintain constant speed throughout stroke.
Check improper club angle.

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