How to Build Muscles Quickly on the Arms

By Mike Camunas

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Arm muscles are important, if not vital, for a good golf game. There are certain muscles on the arms---such as the forearms, triceps and wrists---that are essential to work. If you're an avid amateur or even a professional golfer, here are some are some ways to build up arm muscles quickly.


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  1. Stretch properly. Before lifting any weights or doing any strenuous activity, take the time to make sure the muscles are loose and feeling good.
  2. Add push-up and/or pull-ups into your daily workout. Alternate 20 to 30 push ups and 10 pull ups. Repeat this up to three times. This constant workout helps promote lean muscle and won't leave you feeling too bulky to swing the club. Regular weight training can also be done by using free weights or fitness equipment at a gym. Those exercises should focus on curls and seated presses that build arm strength.
  3. Take two to three golf clubs and swing them at the same time. Not only is this step good for stretching before a round, but it can help build muscle memory and strength by using the swinging motion.
  4. Use a baseball bat and a weighted doughnut to take golf swings. The additional weight of the bat and the doughnut will help build strength in the biceps and triceps, helping increase swing speed.
  5. Grip an iron as you normally would and move it in any range of motion, which will help build muscle memory and strength. Additionally, this will help strengthen the muscles in the hands and wrists, which will come in handy during a full swing.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't do the same exercises every day. Alternate them every other day. For example, work one muscle one day and another the next. More than likely, one muscle group will be sore and it will need time to rest and recuperate. Keep in mind that not all these steps or exercises need to be done to build arm muscles and strength. Each can be done individually or combined in any order as part of a exercise regimen.
  • Don't overexert yourself doing too many exercises. Too many repetitions will put strain on the muscles. If your muscles are constantly overworked, it will do more damage to than good and you won't be able to use them during a round. Do not rush these workouts. You may be trying to build the muscles quickly, but focus on working efficiently without injuring yourself. If you rush the exercises, a serious injury can occur.

About the Author

Mike Camunas is also reporter for the St. Petersburg Times, covering local golf in the Tampa Bay area, from events to golfers hitting hole in ones, to even covering the professional events that hit town. He has been playing golf for about 11 years and has not seen his handicap lower. Maybe one day, but he'll stick to his day job for now.