How to Fix Pop-Up Slices

By Glenn Mcanally

Nothing can demoralize golfers more than a day filled with drives that pop up and also slice. Golfers who do this are coming down at too steep of an angle and tend to get themselves too far ahead of the ball. This causes shots that go high and to the right. Not only does this rob the player of distance, it also is likely to put the ball out of bounds and cause a penalty stroke.


Difficulty: Moderate
Step 1
Put your driver up to your chest, with the end of the shaft facing the direction you want to hit.
Step 2
Make a backswing turn so the end of the shaft doesn't point directly down at the ball but away from the ball and your feet. This will flatten out your swing.
Step 3
Set up your driver to a teed-up ball. Swing your driver 5 inches above the ball, while maintaining your head behind the ball. Repeat this several times.
Step 4
Swing at the ball and observe its trajectory.
Step 5
If you still pop it up, repeat the drill. Try it slowly and note how a swing above the ball flattens the swing path.
Step 6
Take a real swing again and film yourself with a camcorder on a tripod or operated by a friend. Examine how a difference in your form directly correlates to a difference in your shot.

Tips & Warnings

Check out your left knee to see if it is bending at least 6 inches out beyond your right knee. If so, this will contribute to keeping the swing plane flatter.
Never move your spine position at any time or you will throw off your entire swing and nothing you've just learned will work.

About The Author

Glenn McAnally is a thriller novelist and life long golfer who lives in Southern California. His most recent work is the action thriller Endangered as well as a story credit for the upcoming Nintendo DS title Elite Forces: Unit 77. He is a graduate of Villanova University.

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