How to Play Halloween Pranks on Your Foursome

By George N Root III

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Halloween can be a lot of fun, and it can be a great deal of fun to play Halloween pranks on your golfing group. You need to keep your jokes quick so the pace of play keeps moving, but they need to have an effect on people that they will never forget. Some of these gags are easy, some take some planning, but they are all fun. Remember that Halloween is about terror and not silly pranks, so leave the exploding golf balls at home. This prank only works at courses with woods around them with heavy tree populations.


Difficulty: Moderate
  1. Prepare your materials before you leave the house. Take the white T-shirt, hack it up with a knife and spray fake blood on it. Arrange to have someone send you a text message on your cell phone that a prisoner just escaped from jail and killed people not too far from the golf course. Script the text message in advance so it looks realistic. Record at least 20 minutes of heavy breathing and growling sounds into the micro-cassette recorder. Make sure all of these materials are well hidden in your bag before you leave the house.
  2. Sometime before, or just after, you have teed off, you should receive the text message. Become concerned with it, show it to your golf group and express genuine concern. Refer to it a couple more times during the round and show growing concern about it.
  3. At the first hole that has a wooded area alongside it, hit your ball into the woods. Be sure you make your way out to look for it before anyone else. When you reach the woods cut a few branches with the pocket knife and spray the branches with fake blood. Let the others in the group find the branches, and express concern with them but insist that the group continue playing.
  4. Every chance you get, when you are out ahead of the group, make little drops of fake blood off away from the fairway. The rest of the group might not see it, but if they do see it, insist that the group keep playing.
  5. At the next wooded hole, drive your ball deep into the woods. Be sure to get out first to look for your ball, and a few steps into the woods drop the bloody T-shirt on the ground. As you hear the group approach, turn on the micro-cassette recorder and start reacting as though you are terrified of something in the woods. Put the recorder on the ground, cover your hands and face in fake blood, and then emerge from the woods. Sell it like you have just been attacked.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not try to drag this out too long. You might get to the point where someone in the group wants to either report what they saw to the ranger or head back for their own safety. Sound reassuring, and be sure the people you are playing this prank on can take a joke.
  • As soon as you emerge from the woods, begin laughing and let everyone in on the prank. Reassure everyone that it was just a Halloween prank, and then hopefully have a laugh about it. Be sure to pick up the bloody T-shirt before you move on. Because no other group playing behind you would have heard of the bloodthirsty murderer near the course, most people will ignore the blood on branches and grass. But a T-shirt might get someone's attention and could cause a panic.

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