How to Chip With a Hybrid

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Hybrids are some of the most versatile clubs you can carry in your bag. Apart from their forgiveness from the fairway compared to the long irons and their ability to cut through the rough, they can be a good alternative when you are faced with a chip from fluffy lies around the greens. You can also use them effectively when near the border between the apron and the longer grass or juts for a long chip from the apron or the fringe around the green. You must, however, ensure you use the correct technique if you choose this option.


Difficulty: Moderate
Step 1
Position the ball close to the center of your stance and set your weight slightly more onto your left foot. Choke down on the grip far enough that you can take your putting stance comfortably when soling the club behind the ball.
Step 2
Make a swing similar to your putting action, but add a little more wrist motion to free up your swing through the ball. Avoid becoming too stiff, as that will cost you the feel for the distance. For longer chips, you can add a little forward knee movement, which will also help you make a free and relaxed stroke.
Step 3
Swing the club with a pendulum action, keeping the triangle formed by your arms and shoulders in place. This is the same motion recommended for putting, but with the extra wrist action added, particularly on the longer chips.
Step 4
Accelerate smoothly through the ball, rather than hitting at it. The loft of the club will lift the ball over the longer grass around the green and then let it roll smoothly on the putting surface. The rounded sole will prevent the club from digging into the ground and causing a fluffed chip.

Tips & Warnings

If you're not a confident chipper, experiment with using the hybrid for any chip from the fringes of the green, but not in the rough. The fact that you can use a setup and swing similar to your putting stroke helps with the feel for distance. If you tend to hit chips fat or thin, the hybrid is also a good solution, as the rounded sole prevents the leading edge from digging into the ground. Practice the stroke to help you get the feel for the distance and your confidence around the greens should increase.


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