How to Achieve the Proper Golf Downswing

By Teresa Justine Kelly

The downswing is the release of the power initiated in your backswing. If your club is in the correct position, or in the "slot" at the top of your backswing, where the shaft of the club is parallel to the target line, then you can achieve a powerful downswing. The clubhead will make perfect contact with the ball.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Step 1
Shift 75 percent of your weight onto your right side, flexing your right knee. Place your right arm in an "L" position, with your right elbow pointing down to the ground. Turn your left shoulder so that your back is facing the target and place your chin just under the left shoulder. Square the clubface at the top of the backswing so that it is parallel to the target. Keep your left heel flat on the ground.
Step 2
Begin your downswing by shifting your weight from your right side to your left side.
Step 3
Keep your head still and behind the ball.
Step 4
Make sure your left shoulder is higher than your right shoulder.
Step 5
Square the clubface at impact, with your hands positioned slightly ahead.
Step 6
Shift the majority of your weight onto your left side at impact and follow through with 90 percent of your weight on your front foot.

Tips & Warnings

The downswing is simply the shifting of your weight from your right side to your left side and allowing your arms to fall downward in front of your chest, completing the swing. Allow gravity to help your arms and the club unleash their power at impact.
Most golfers rush the downswing thinking the faster they swing the club, the farther the ball will travel. Unfortunately, a rushed downswing will result in everything out of proper sequence and your clubhead will lose speed at impact. Rhythm and tempo are important on the downswing in order to allow the clubhead to accelerate at impact.

About The Author

Teresa Kelly graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history. She was an editor for seven years for several magazines and publishing houses. Kelly is an avid golfer, a well-known children's book and golf author, and is currently the president of Highview Press/Golfing Lady that produces all occasion golf greeting cards.


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