How to Achieve the Proper Golf Backswing

By George N Root III

A backswing is an important element of the entire golf swing. A proper backswing helps create a smooth tempo for the swing, ensures that the ball is addressed correctly and gets the weight shifting properly. A sloppy backswing can create multiple swinging problems that could cause the ball to go off in any direction. Achieving the proper backswing is simply a matter of practicing how to create the right backswing, then making sure you repeat the process each time you address the ball.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Step 1
Lay the piece of straight wood on the ground and stand with your feet in a straight line with the wood and shoulder width apart. Grip the club and get in your stance as though you were addressing a ball. Put the tee in the ground where the ball would be. Your shoulders and your feet should be in a straight line pointing at your target. In this case, you can just chose some area to swing at that creates an easy target. Be sure your arms are fully extended.
Step 2
Keep your eyes focused down on the tee, and slowly bring the club back. Keep your left arm straight, and turn your hips in concert with your arms. Your right elbow and your hips should be moving together. Keep your left arm straight as you bring the club back, and keep your wrists locked as well. As your left arm comes across your chest, begin to move your wrists so that the club begins to point straight up.
Step 3
Continue to bring the club back, keeping your left arm straight and continuing to move your wrists until the club is parallel with the ground over your head. Both of your feet should still be planted where they started, your head should be down with your eyes on the tee and the shaft of the club should be directly over your head parallel with the ground. Your hips have turned as far back as they can go and your knees remained flexed in the position they were in when your swing started.

Tips & Warnings

If you are left-handed, then simply switch the left and right arm instructions.
You should not be leaning forward on the backswing. When you are at the top of your backswing, you should be standing vertical with your weight evenly distributed on both feet.

About The Author

George N Root III is a writer that is located in Lockport, NY. Publishing credits include a weekly column in the Lockport Union Sun and Journal along with published articles at, the SUNY at Buffalo Spectrum, Niagara Falls Gazette, Tonawanda News, Watertown Daily News and the Buffalo News. He has a degree in English from SUNY at Buffalo.


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