Common Golf Cart Repairs

By Steve Smith

A golf cart is prone to poor or dead batteries and problems with tires and accelerator parts. Since a golf cart is often used only seasonally, recharging the battery will solve most issues. Use a little know-how to perform other repairs.


Difficulty: Moderate
Step 1
Check the battery by removing the cables and placing the battery into a charging station. Set the charger to recharge if necessary. Clean the battery cables using a wire brush, then after the battery is charged reinstall it in the golf cart. Cover the cables with battery terminal caps to prevent additional oxidization and dirt buildup. Keep the cables clean to ensure the battery functions properly.
Step 2
Check the tires to ensure they are inflated to the correct pressure listed on the tires. Improperly inflated tires can cause a golf cart to veer one way or another, and often result in difficult steering. This quick fix should be attempted before trying to fix the steering mechanism, which requires a professional mechanic.
Step 3
Inflate flat tires using an electric air pump. Check to ensure the tires remain properly inflated by reading the pressure again in several hours. If the pressure is significantly lower, change the tires. Remove the lug nuts that secure the tires to the cart axle and replace the entire wheel and tire with a new one made for your cart.
Step 4
Inspect the accelerator pads to ensure that they work properly. Clean dirt and debris from behind the pads and check the levers and bolts that secure the accelerator to the drive bar. Tighten or replace the levers if the pad sticks or does not properly depress.
Step 5
Body repairs can be accomplished using Bondo. Sand the damage with 120-grit sand paper and spread the Bondo across the damage with a scraper. Let dry and then sand the Bondo smooth. Prime the Bondo with a fiberglass primer and then repaint with matching color paint.


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