How to be a Scoring Machine

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You can significantly improve your scores by playing the percentages and mastering your scoring clubs. Playing the percentages means that you only play high percentage shots and practice smart golf course management. Eliminate low-percentage shots from your game and your scores will immediately improve. Mastering your scoring clubs means that you commit to improving your short game rather than spending the majority of your practice time bombing drives. Following are proven methods for improving golf scores that will work for any level golfer.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Step 1
Practice the clubs in your bag in reverse order of their length. Practice your putting until you consider it to be the strongest part of your game. Spend more time at the chipping green than you do practicing your fairway woods. Focus on dialing-in your short iron distances since these are the shots that will get you into birdie range.
Step 2
Hit more fairways and you will shoot lower scores. Select a fairway wood or hybrid for your tee shot rather than automatically grabbing your driver. Play the percentages by using the shortest club possible off the tee, which will still get you to your optimal scoring range. Subtract the distance of your most accurate shot from the total distance of the hole before you select a club to hit your tee shot.
Step 3
Study the course before you play. Take time before each round to determine how you will use golf course management to intelligently play each hole. Know beforehand which of the par fives you can reach in two and which will require a lay-up. Play your first and second shots to position yourself for the highest percentage approach shot possible. Weigh the risk and reward of using a driver off the tee compared to the increased accuracy of a shorter club. Learn both the location of fairway bunkers from the tee. Hit your tee shot to a specific location in the fairway, which will give you the optimal angle for your approach shot.
Step 4
Warm up adequately if you want to shoot your best score. Get to the course early enough to warm up your muscles, and don't forget the stretching exercises. Practice with each of the clubs in your bag until you feel confident that you can use them optimally when needed. Warming up also provides you with time to mentally prepare yourself to play your best golf. Commit to specific swing keys only after you have completed your warm-up routine.
Step 5
Plan a strategy for how you will lower your total golf score before you arrive at the golf course. Keep statistics from your previous rounds such as number of fairways hit, putts per hole and bunkers hit. Determine which mistakes you made on previous holes that led to high scores, and vow not to repeat them. Plan for the safest target locations and shot shapes to keep you out of trouble. When you do get into trouble, get out of trouble with your next shot.

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Eric E.  Scored 83 at  Pine Lakes Rockford, Tennessee

Barry G.  Scored 93 at  Gambler Ridge Cream Ridge, New Jersey

Barry G.  Scored 91 at  Tamarack, East East Brunswick, New Jersey

Barry G. unlocked the Golden Golfer Achievement!
Recorded 10 rounds.

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