How to Choose the Best Golf Training Aid

By Jackson Lewis

Whether you are on the verge of qualifying for the PGA Tour or just trying to improve your score for your Sunday round, there is always room for improvement in your golf game. Golf manufacturers have created a number of training aids to help you improve various aspects. Some focus on your putting and short game, others concentrate on improving your overall swing, and some help build the muscles required to hit a golf ball further. Deciding what you need to work on and picking the appropriate training aid will help you get the most for your money.


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Step 1
Choose an aspect of your golf game to improve. Three common areas are putting, the swing path and increasing your overall distance. If you are averaging more than two putting strokes a hole during regular play, putting aids might be the most beneficial aid. If your putting game is strong but you are inconsistently striking the ball, looking to improve your swing arc would provide the most benefit for your money. But if you have an overall consistent game,but are finding your distance lacking, using a weighted golf club to hone your golf muscles for added distance may be the best choice.
Step 2
Review the available putting training aids available on the market. The best way to improve your putting is by building up muscle memory through repeated practice. This can be best accomplished with a quality putting green. When choosing a putting green be sure and choose one that is long enough to practice harder putts. You should also ensure that the putting surface is as close to a an actual green as possible. Although most players can use improvement in the putting game, you will want to consider a putting aid if you are averaging more than 30 to 36 putts per round.
Step 3
Picking a swing training aid can prove to be daunting for the beginning golfer--there are a wide variety of products designed to help with your swing. You should consider purchasing a swing trainer if you find yourself shooting inconsistently during your normal rounds. The ImpactSnap swing aid works to teach golfers proper wrist and forearm mechanics. By practicing the mechanics of the golf swing, golfers can bring consistency to their game. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and by both right- and left-handed players.
Step 4
Improving the distance of your shots is a common desire for all golfers. One of the best training aids to consider for increasing the distance is a weighted golf club. By regularly using a weighted club, you will focus on training muscles used for hitting the golf ball. This will lead to increased swing speeds and farther shots.
Step 5
Practice regularly with the golf training aid(s) that you purchase. A common mistake is to purchase a training aid, then fail to use it regularly enough to improve your game significantly.


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