How to Make Golf Ball Displays

By Joe White

A golf ball display can be the perfect accent to a living room or sports- or golf-themed lounge. Use it to display your own balls from holes-in-one or other memorable shots, or golf balls that you've collected from professional events or visits to golf courses. You can build your own 12-ball case to look professionally crafted.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
Step 1
Bevel the edges of the two 12-inch boards and the two 9-inch boards at a 45-degree angle using the jigsaw, so that they will fit together to make a rectangle with the edges flush.
Step 2
Mark the 12-inch boards carefully along the interior side (the same side as the beveled edges) at 3-inch intervals.
Step 3
Use the straight bit (1/2-inch) to cut dado slots across the width of the boards at each of the 3-inch intervals. These slots will accept the interior shelves of the case.
Step 4
Use the straight bit to drill two holes into the unbeveled 1/2-inch edge of one of the 9-inch boards. These holes will provide a brace to hang the entire rack from.
Step 5
Use the core box bit to carve divots into the top of the bottom shelf and into all three middle shelves. Carve three divots into each shelf at 2 1/2-inch intervals. These divots will hold the golf balls.
Step 6
Apply wood glue to the beveled edges of the 12-inch and 9-inch boards. Slide the three 8 3/8-inch boards into the dado slots (making sure the ball divots all face upward), and press the longer boards together into the final rectangular shape. Brace them with corner braces and tighten to maintain steady snug pressure on the case.
Step 7
After the glue has dried, remove the braces and glue a 10-inch board to the top and another to the bottom. Then rebrace the entire structure for another few hours until the top and bottom are secure.

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