How to Build Your Own Putting Green

By Jamie Lisse

If you are looking to improve your shot or teach a child how to putt, you can build your own putting green with just a little space in a yard. Building a putting green is not hard to do and does not require a lot of construction knowledge. Everything that you need to make your own putting green area can be purchased at a local home improvement store, and in as little as an afternoon you can be practicing your putts in your own backyard.


Difficulty: Moderate
Step 1
Select a flat piece of land for your putting green, and level off an 8-by-8-foot area Use a tamper to remove around 1 1/2-inches of soil in this area.You can get one of these from a local home improvement store if you do not already have one.
Step 2
Create a putting green cup using a 4-inch atrium grate, a 3-by-4-inch S&D adapter and a 4-inch S&D bushing from the plumbing department of a home improvement store. Place the grate in the adapter, and then place that in the bushing. Use the posthole digger to dig a place to put the cup. Use sand or paver base to fill in the area around the cup to make sure it is securely in place.
Step 3
Fill and level out the rest of the putting green area with sand or paver base. A 2-by-4 board can be used to ensure that it is level all the way across. Use a tamper to press it down.
Step 4
Cut the turf to fit the putting green area, and trim it as needed. Remember to cut a hole for the putting cup once you have the turf down. Use landscape fabric pins to secure the turf in place around the perimeter about 2 inches from the edge of the putting green.
Step 5
Cut the 2-by-4 boards to fit around the perimeter of the putting green. Lay the boards on top of the turf, making sure to cover the pins. Attach them to each other with pocket hole screws to create the frame.
Step 6

Make a flagpole for the hole by cutting a 3-foot piece of PVC pipe. Wrap it with blue electrical tape for decoration. For the flag, cut up a drop cloth and paint it your color of choice. Finish it with a clear topcoat, and attach to the flagpole with Liquid Nails after it dries. For the finishing touch, attach the flagpole to the grate in the putting cup.


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