How to Make Golf Score Sheets

By Josh Baum

Golf score sheets are often readily available in the clubhouse of every golf course, but you can easily make your own. Score sheets are simple graphs that show hole numbers, par totals and individual hole strokes for each player. Even if you're already on the course when you realize you don't have one, you can quickly create one with a pencil and paper.


Difficulty: Easy
Step 1
Write the numbers 1 through 18 along the horizontal axis at the top of a piece of paper, starting about an inch from the left edge of the paper. If you can, use graph paper and write each number inside its own cell. If you don't have graph paper, used lined paper and write all of the numbers neatly along one line. If you have unlined paper, try your best to keep the numbers in a straight line or use something with a straight edge to help you.
Step 2
Draw a horizontal line beneath the line of 18 numbers. If you're using graph or lined paper, draw this neatly along the guidelines.
Step 3
Write the par stroke number of each hole beneath the corresponding hole number. For example, if the first hole is a par 3, write a "3" beneath the "1" on the top line. Since the par for each hole varies from one course to the next, you will need to check with the course you're about to play to find out what par is on each hole. Alternatively, you can leave these spaces blank for now and check the sign at each hole's tee to verify the par.
Step 4
Draw another straight horizontal line beneath the hole par numbers.
Step 5
Draw vertical lines separating each hole and its corresponding par number into individual columns. You can trace along the lines if you're using graph paper, otherwise you will need to be very careful or just use something with a straight edge to trace along.
Step 6
Write the name of each player in the margin on the left side of the paper, making sure that the first name is lined up with the first blank row beneath the par numbers. Put each individual name on its own line, forming stacked rows.
Step 7
Draw horizontal lines at the bottom of each player's row, separating the row into individual cells. It is in these cells that you should write each player's stroke count for each hole.

Tips & Warnings

Write down each score in its corresponding cell as you go, then add up each player's total score at the end. The player with the lowest score wins.

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