How to Do Low Back Exercises With a Yoga Ball

By Chad Buleen

If you are experiencing lower back problems while you golf, chances are that your score is suffering as much as your back. The good news is that there are exercises you can do to build strength and flexibility in your back and to decrease the risk of injury. One of the most effective ways to do these exercises is using a yoga ball.


Difficulty: Moderate
Step 1
Position the ball. Lift the yoga ball and place it on the wall at about the same level as the bottom of your back. Turn around so your back is toward the wall and hold the ball in place with the small of your back.
Step 2
Position your body. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Move your feet a foot or two in front of your hips so your body is slightly inclined.
Step 3
Use your muscles. Place your hands on your hips and subtly bend your knees. Place pressure against the ball and begin to use your leg muscles to lower yourself down the wall. Keep the upper portion of your body as erect as possible so that you are not leaning back. Allow the ball to guide your back's position.
Step 4
Return to the starting position.
Step 5
Repeat Steps 1 through 4. Do this exercise several times with the goal of successfully aligning yourself with the ball. Balance is imperative.
Once you feel you have gotten the hang of the movement, you can make the exercise more difficult. Instead of simply sliding down the wall and immediately returning to a standing position, hold your squat for 10 seconds to build strength and flexibility. After doing this exercise, you should feel more strength in your back while on the course -- particularly when driving the ball.
Step 1
Get on the ball. Place the ball on the floor and lie face-down with the ball under your stomach. Put your hands on the floor and hold your feet together.
Step 2
Lift your legs. Use your hands to keep your balance as you lift your legs upward. Remember to keep your feet together. When your legs have reached their peak, squeeze your glutes.
Step 3
Return to the starting position.
Step 4
Repeat the exercise. Focus on keeping your trunk straight as you raise your legs. Try to choose a ball that is not too large, which can decrease the building of strength and flexibility in your lower back.

Tips & Warnings

Yoga balls can be used in the home or at work to replace chairs. Sitting on one of these balls forces you to develop muscles that support your spine and improve balance.

About The Author

Chad Buleen is a Society of Professional Journalists-award winning newspaper and magazine writer and editor with more than 10 years' experience. He has been published in "Utah Spirit," "Charleston Gazette," "Idaho Falls Post Register" and numerous other publications. Buleen holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications with an emphasis in print journalism from Brigham Young University-Idaho.


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