How to Install an Underbody Light Kit on a Golf Cart

By Jackson Lewis

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Golf carts have been a staple of transportation in the golfing industry since the early 1950s. As the golf cart has aged, it has become more popular to accessorize your golf cart's look and feel to customize the ride. One of the more popular kits to install on personal golf carts is the underbody light kit. The kit can be installed with a minimal amount of drilling on the golf cart body and enables you to drive your cart with lights after dark.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
  1. Position the light template included in your kit on your golf cart body and mark the holes to cut with a pencil for the headlights and tail lights. Drill the mounting holes with a 5/16 inch drill bit on the golf cart body.
  2. String the underbody light kit lighting through the mounting holes drilled and secure in position with cable ties.
  3. Attach the underbody headlights to the lighting harness. Ensure the headlight is pointing away from the golf cart when you connect the headlight's cream plug to the corresponding plug on the wiring harness. The headlight's red wire male connection connects to the harness' black wire female connector connection. After you have made the headlight connection, insert the light into the previously drilled mounting holes.
  4. Attach the underbody taillights to the lighting harness. Ensure the taillights are pointing away from the car body when you connect them to the snap connectors. For the tail lights, the white wire is the positive, or hot, wire and red is not used for the connection. Mount the lights in the mounting hole after the connection is made and tape the extraneous red wire to the interior of the tail light.
  5. Drill a hole on the dash for the light switch with a 15/32 drill bit. Put the light switch into the hole and secure with a nut and washer to the inside of your cart's dashboard. Then attach the the power negative lead from the switch to the last battery's lead in the battery bank on an electric cart. After the ground is connected, attach the positive lead to the positive terminal on the last battery in the bank.
  6. Connect the on/off switch to the lighting harness power source connector. After the connector is secure, operationally test your lights and the installation will be complete.

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