How to Stop Chips When You Want

By Bryan Rose

Nothing is more frustrating than being near the green, hitting your chip only to see it bounce on the green and roll off the other side. The problem behind this frustration is the spin that is on the ball when most people chip. Follow these steps and see your ball nestle nicely on the green.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Step 1
With your normal grip, narrow your stance and put the ball closer to your back leg. Move your front foot back away from the ball slightly. Move your foot only an inch or two to open up your stance.
Step 2
Keep your shoulders and your wrists straight. Your movement should be like a pendulum or like your putting motion.
Step 3
With your weight on your front foot, begin your swing and bring the club forward with your hands leading the way.
Step 4
Strike the ground slightly behind the ball catching some of the grass behind the ball. Again make sure your hands lead the club through the ball.
Step 5
With your hands in front of the club, it should stop with the club just ahead of your front leg. If you find that the club is finishing ahead of your hands, make sure that you are keeping your wrists straight as you swing the club.

About The Author

Bryan Rose is an experienced journalist and web writer, spending nearly 12 years in the publishing industry. Rose works for a variety of Demand Studios websites, writing mostly for and He holds a Bachelor of Arts in History degree from the University of Wisconsin.

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