How to Turn Clubs while Bouncing Golf Balls

By Joe White

Bouncing a golf ball on the face of a wedge is a trick that has steadily gained popularity since Tiger Woods appeared in a Nike advertisement performing several variations of the trick. One twist the commercial did not feature was turning the club between bounces. This is one of the more difficult tricks to perform while bouncing a ball on a wedge.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
Step 1
Attain a steady, rhythmic bouncing with club and ball. Use the instep of your foot to brace the ball up onto the club face if necessary to get started, and hold the shaft at about a 30 degree angle so that the club face is horizontal while you bounce the ball.
Step 2
Give the ball an extra firm bounce so that it bounces up to shoulder height or head height. The extra time the ball spends in the air will allow you to perform the maneuver.
Step 3
Spin your hand holding the club sharply counterclockwise, releasing at the point of maximum torque, when the the club is spinning most. The club face should rotate upward toward you and then begin downward, passing beneath the shaft from inside to outside.
Step 4
Allow the club to complete one rotation in your hand and then catch it again. Make any slight adjustments necessary to align the club face with the horizontal as quickly as possible.
Step 5
Catch the golf ball falling back from shoulder height on the club face, which has returned to normal position. You do not need to jerk the club upward to bounce the ball, since the fall from a greater height will have endowed it with sufficient momentum to bounce upward off a stationary club face.

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