How to Build Exercise Endurance

By Isaiah David

Exercise endurance is a measure of how much of a given physical activity an athlete can perform. Endurance is a complicated issue, since it involves how long an athlete can keep going, how effectively he can maintain his strength and how quickly he can recover after intense activity.


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Step 1
Stretch before and after every exercise. Being limber will help you to get nice, long strides, which use energy more efficiently than cramped, stiff movements. It will also make you feel better and help to prevent injury.
Step 2
Vary your exercise. Cross training is the best way to build all-around strength and endurance. You could bike on Mondays, swim on Wednesdays and run on Fridays, for example.
Step 3
Exercise at least three times a week for at least 30 minutes at a time. If you have the time, consider adding another day or lengthening your exercise as you become fitter.
Step 4
Vary your approach to the exercises. You could alternate sprints with brief rests one day, run at a comfortable pace for an hour another day, and work on difficult uphills to build muscle strength and endurance on a third day.
Step 5
Include weight training and other strengthening exercises in your routine. They will allow your body to use energy more efficiently and decrease fatigue.
Step 6
Exercise to exhaustion on occasion. Pushing yourself to the absolute limit will not only allow you to gauge your endurance, but will also help improve it.

Tips & Warnings

Consider taking up yoga or some other activity that involves lots of stretching to increase your flexibility.

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