How to Add Fun Exercises to Your Fitness Routine

By Kate Evelyn

Even though exercising is undeniably good for you, you may find yourself wanting to quit your fitness routine because you simply get bored with it. Instead of quitting, why not try adding some fun new exercising to your fitness routine? It can go a long way to breaking you out of the rut and starting to enjoy getting fit again. Variety can challenge your body in different ways, too, and could even help you do better on the golf course.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Step 1
Incorporate some activities that are typically for kids. You're never too old to play kickball, hopscotch or Chinese jump rope, or to skip down the street.
Step 2
Try a new kind of golf. You've probably played miniature golf, but what about disc golf? In this game, players throw Frisbee-like discs and try to get them to land in baskets mounted on poles. Just like in traditional golf, you use different materials for different shots. There are dozens of discs you can buy, from long-range drivers to putters.
Step 3
Find a group class that you enjoy. They are not limited to aerobics anymore. Modern gyms have classes in everything from kick boxing to rock climbing to trampoline to exotic dancing. There is bound to be something available that you find fun and motivating.
Step 4
Add new props to your regular workouts. For example, if you typically do sit-ups as part of your workout, try doing them while sitting on top of a Pilates ball. If you typically walk, trying stopping to jump rope for five minutes after each half-mile.
Step 5
Play games in the swimming pool. Set up a net for some water polo action, or just engage in a game of sharks and minnows or Marco Polo with a few friends.
Step 6
Join a recreational sports league. There are hundreds of adult leagues all across the country in any number of sports. Find a sport that you enjoy or that you've always wanted to try. If you want to keep it fun and not too competitive, go for the lower-level teams, or, if you have that competitive streak in you, strive to reach the top tier.

Tips & Warnings

If you find yourself dreading a certain fitness activity, switch to a different one that can give you similar results instead. For example, if you hate push-ups, use dumbbells to do shoulder presses.

About The Author

Based in Washington, D.C., Kate Evelyn has been writing professionally since 2000. Her articles have appeared in numerous publications, including "Elle" magazine, "Brass|CU" magazine and the "Credit Union Times." She holds a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Western Maryland College.


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