How to Fit a Golf Glove

By Michael Miller

Many golfers prefer to wear a golf glove during play. The golf glove provides a golfer with a stronger grip and protects against slippage due to sweat. For the glove to be effective it is necessary that it properly fits the hand of the golfer.


Difficulty: Easy
Step 1
Try on a golf glove to determine the proper fit. Your fingers should fill the glove's fingers and the glove should be tight on the palm and the back of the hand while allowing the fingers to flex. Most golf gloves come in the standard sizes of small, medium and large. Most gloves are sized according to a proportional finger size, but gloves are available that accommodate shorter, thicker fingers.
Step 2
Select the material you prefer. Golf gloves come in a variety of materials including a number of synthetic materials, leather and cloth. Try on gloves made of several different materials and choose the one that provides the most comfort.
Step 3
Choose a glove with the features you would prefer. Some gloves have holes in the fingers to accommodate longer fingernails. Some gloves have holes to accommodate rings. Many gloves offer different materials on the knuckles that provide greater elasticity and finger flex.
Step 4
Grip a golf club while wearing the glove of your choice. Testing your grip on a golf club insures the grip and features of the glove will be comfortable to the player when they take it out to the course or range.

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