How to Avoid a Knee Injury

By Andrew Smith

While golfing you can injure your knee while teeing off, attempting to hit the ball out of the rough or simply walking to your next shot. It could take you months or even an entire year to recover from a serious knee injury. If you are a golfer with a history of knee soreness or injuries, you don't have to avoid the game altogether. You can take several different steps to limit knee pain and avoid knee injuries while on the golf course.


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Step 1
Wear golf shoes that do not have spikes. Wearing spikes could cause a leg to remain planted longer than intended while walking or swinging the golf club, which could result in a knee sprain or more serious injury.
Step 2
Obtain and use a knee brace. A brace can help keep you from overusing the knee and prevent sprains and other injuries. You should consult a doctor or specialist regarding which type of knee brace to wear, as individuals with different knee problems will need to wear different types of braces or bands.
Step 3
Use a golf cart rather than walking through the golf course. The less time you are putting weight on your knee, the less likely you are to injure that knee.
Step 4
Work on your swing with a golf instructor. He may be able to make tweaks to your golf swing that could keep you from hurting either of your knees. Be sure to tell him about your knee problems so he can make the proper recommendations.
Step 5
Play golf only when the course is dry. Even a small amount of moisture can make fairways, the rough or sand traps dangerous territory for a person with knee problems. The last thing you want to do is severely injure your knee because you slipped on wet grass while hitting your second shot.

Tips & Warnings

Don't push yourself while on the golf course. If you begin to experience knee pain, take a short break and, if necessary, let others play through. Attempt to play again but, if the pain persists or worsens, you should stop playing immediately and consult your physician.

About The Author

Andrew Smith has been a freelance writer since 2006, specializing in sports and technology. His work has appeared on various online sites. Smith has a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Pennsylvania State University.


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