How to Install a CD Player in a Golf Cart

By Jackson Lewis

golf flag on a putting green
Carts have been used to get around golf courses since 1951. Many golf cart owners have started using their carts to get around their neighborhoods, at work and on their land. With increased golf-cart usage is a growing desire by owners to install such entertainment devices as a radio or CD player. The installation can be accomplished in a day by the average person and without having to install an extra battery pack in your cart.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
  1. Buy a radio console adapter for your golf cart to provide a premolded area for your CD player so you don't have to cut into the body of your golf cart. Remove your drink and center console by unscrewing the factory installation bolts and replace it with your new console.
  2. Run a ground wire from your stereo unit to a bolt on the frame of your golf cart. One of the largest dangers when installing a CD player in your golf cart is not properly grounding the assembly. Ensure your ground wire is tightly attached to the frame bolt before proceeding.
  3. Connect two red wires to the positive terminal of the end battery in your cart's battery pack. Connect one to the memory hot wire on your radio and cover the connection with electrical tape. Run the second hot lead to an on/off switch and continue the run to the primary power cable on the radio. Leave the switch in the off position. This will be the switch to use when you desire to listen to the radio.
  4. Mount your stereo speakers using the bolt-on connections that come with golf cart speakers. Then run the positive and negative wires from the CD player to each speaker. Your CD player will have two separate sets of leads for the two speakers.
  5. Mount the CD player and on/off switch in your new golf cart dashboard. Then turn the on/off switch to the "on" position and test your CD player.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't forget to connect the ground wire from your CD player to the frame or chassis of your golf cart.

About the Author

Based in Memphis, Jackson Lewis has been writing on technology-related material for 10 years with a recent emphasis on golf and other sports. He has been freelance writing for Demand Media since 2008. Lewis holds a Master of Science in computer science from the United States Naval Postgraduate School.