How to Avoid Ankle Sprains

By Andrew Smith

Injuries are something that every golfer must deal with from time to time. An ankle sprain can occur as you attempt to tee off or even while walking from hole to hole. This type of injury can keep you off your feet and off the golf course for a significant amount of time. Rehabbing an ankle injury can be a difficult task so it's wise to take the proper steps in order to avoid ankle sprains while golfing.


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Step 1
Purchase properly fitted golf shoes. Your golf shoes should be snug yet comfortable on your feet. If your golf shoes are too loose, you will increase the odds of rolling your ankles while walking the golf course or swinging your clubs. Walk around the store with the shoes on to ensure the shoes fit properly.
Step 2
Perform ankle exercises. Doing so will strengthen your ankles and help prevent sprains while golfing, running or playing any other sport. One simple exercise is known as the "alphabet" workout. Sit or recline in a chair and lift your foot slightly off the ground. Then, pretend to write the letters of the alphabet in midair, using only your foot. A link to more complex ankle exercises can be found in the Resources section below.
Step 3
Practice your golf swing. If you do sprain your ankle while swinging a club, it will most likely be due to you improperly shifting your body weight during the swing. Your body weight should shift from back to front in a fluid motion as you complete the entire swing. Shifting your weight too quickly in either direction may cause an ankle sprain.
Step 4
Wrap your ankles or use ankles braces. Those with weak ankles should do this before golfing or playing any other sport. Tape, wrap and braces help to keep ankles stable, which can prevent sprains.
Step 5
Use a golf cart. A person with weak ankles can roll an ankle simply by walking around the golf course. Using a golf cart to get through the course will decrease the amount of time you are on your feet, which will lessen the odds of you spraining an ankle while golfing.

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Andrew Smith has been a freelance writer since 2006, specializing in sports and technology. His work has appeared on various online sites. Smith has a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Pennsylvania State University.


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