How to Win at Miniature Golf

By John Lindell

Miniature golf is a form of golf that requires no special knowledge of golf or the ability to hit a golf ball a long way. Played with only a ball and a putter over a course that is full of various hazards and obstacles, miniature golf is a fun activity for families and friends. But miniature golf may not be all that fun if you continually fail to be competitive during these outings. With a few tips, it is possible to improve your miniature golf game and perhaps even start to win some of these friendly contests.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
Step 1
Hit the golf ball squarely with the middle of your putter. It is amazing how simple that sounds, but so many people fail to do this. When the golf ball is struck with the heel or the head of the putter, it tends to not go straight or for much distance unless the golf club is being held tightly. Always line the ball up with the putter so that it will be hit with the "sweet spot" of the club.
Step 2
Bring your own putter to the miniature golf course. The putters used at the vast majority of miniature golf courses are lightweight and flimsy, which makes sense because it makes them more affordable for the owner of the establishment. However, they are too short for many players to be able to use comfortably. Ask the owner if it is okay to bring your own putter if you happen to have one. Use your own club and your score will more than likely begin to improve right away since you are used to how it feels and hits the ball.
Step 3
Concentrate on clearing the initial hazards on your tee shots. Do not try to hit the perfect shot to get the ball through the hazard and into the hole as well. Work on just hitting the ball straight and through the hazard, and when others fail to do so, you will have an opportunity to pick up strokes on them.
Step 4
Strike the golf ball with authority. Most miniature golf courses have holes that require the ball to go a good distance to reach the hole, with many holes having inclines, ramps, and other obstacles that can send a weakly hit ball right back to the feet of the player. To win at miniature golf you need to get the ball close to the hole for short putts. In addition, a well-struck ball will go straight for a much longer distance, making it through any hazards. Balls that are lightly tapped often will wind up right next to a hazard, meaning the player then has to hit the ball backwards just to be able to line up the next shot to get it through the obstacle.
Step 5
Make the short putts. Hitting the short putts will spell the difference between being competitive and being in last place. There are very few holes on a miniature golf course where a putt breaks. Most are straight-on putts that require the golf ball to be hit once again with some authority. The hard hit ball will go in the hole as long as it is not hit too forcefully. The daintily hit ball will lose momentum and begin to curve on its way to the hole.
Step 6
Practice as much as you can. Like any endeavor, practicing at miniature golf will allow you to improve your skills. Go to your local miniature golf course and play by yourself, learning the nuances of the course and how hard to hit the ball. This will let you figure out the angles on holes and where to hit your tee shots.

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