How to Find the Right Stance Width

By Bryan Rose

Having the right stance can make all the difference in golf. If you feet are not in line, the ball could fly off course and if they are too far apart or too close together, you can lose power and accuracy. But with a few simple steps you can have the perfect stance every time.


Difficulty: Easy
Step 1
Start by standing with your feet together and the golf ball in front of you as if you were about to hit a drive. That means the club should be resting in your hands at belt level with the head of the club on the ground.
Step 2
Move your feet so they are shoulder width apart. You should be comfortable in this stance so if you need to move your feet a little bit out more or in more, that will be okay. Do not move your feet drastically, though. No more than an inch either way.
Step 3
Next relax your knees with a slight bend. Do not over bend though. Your knee bend should not be easily visible to those who are watching you, it just relaxes your legs so your knees are not locked.
Step 4
Next make sure that you are "pointing" in the right direction. Take the club and set it at your toes with the grip facing the direction that you are going to hit the ball. The shaft should be pointing at your target. If not adjust your feet accordingly so that the shaft is pointing at your target.
Step 5
Repeat the steps above each time you address the ball or are at the golf range. Practice and developing muscle memory is the only way to ensure you will repeat this stance every time and eventually not have to go through this preshot ritual.

Tips & Warnings

Different shots will need different stances. For example if you have an up hill lie, the ball will need to be moved in your stance to make up for the slope of the hill. But if you practice the above steps to improve your stance, you can adjust it accordingly and still be in the right position.

About The Author

Bryan Rose is an experienced journalist and web writer, spending nearly 12 years in the publishing industry. Rose works for a variety of Demand Studios websites, writing mostly for and He holds a Bachelor of Arts in History degree from the University of Wisconsin.


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