How to Create a Daily Stretching Routine

By Mike Camunas

Stretching is vital to a proper workout for any athlete in any sport, but particularly golf. Keeping the muscles loose and flexible is essential to being able to swing the club full and strong. Without stretching, or even warming up the muscles, a golfer is more prone to injury. It can be done easily and effectively, but time and dedication is needed as part of your daily routine.


Difficulty: Easy
Step 1
Determine what area(s) of your body needs daily stretching the most. Most important muscles can be done quickly and thoroughly, but if there is a specific area that needs to be more flexible, then focus on that and make it the most important part of the stretches.
Step 2
Write it down. Take the time to put the routine down on paper and even memorize it; that way it comes easy when it's time to stretch. There will always be time later to mix it up and either add or subtract a certain stretch.
Step 3
Make sure all the proper equipment is available or purchased for the stretches. Put all equipment out and then use it on a daily basis. For instance, if you use a bungee cord to help stretch the shoulders, make sure it's in good condition and ready for use.
Step 4
Be sure to hydrate properly before stretching. Muscles need water to stay loose and to recuperate throughout the day. Keep fluids handy when stretching and, of course, before and after the workout.
Step 5
Once you begin stretching, do not rush it. Take the time to feel the muscles and the body loosen and warm up. Stretching should never be rushed, especially if it is part of the daily routine before golf or a workout.

Tips & Warnings

Start off slowly. Begin with something like the arms or the neck and then work through the more important parts such as the quads, groin or the back.
Try not to do too much. Since it is a daily routine, the stretches shouldn't be overwhelming or exhausting, because afterward you won't be able to do any activities. Doing too much could also lead to injury.

About The Author

Mike Camunas is also reporter for the St. Petersburg Times, covering local golf in the Tampa Bay area, from events to golfers hitting hole in ones, to even covering the professional events that hit town. He has been playing golf for about 11 years and has not seen his handicap lower. Maybe one day, but he'll stick to his day job for now.


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