How to Build a Golf Cage

By Jamie Lisse

If you need a place to work on your swing at home, you can build a golf cage in your yard. A golf cage is a cage with nets, allowing you to golf balls and control where they land. The netting in the golf cage keeps the ball in your yard instead of breaking a neighbor's window or getting lost in the woods near your home. Sports stores sell golf cages, but they are easy to make on your own.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Step 1
Dig holes for the posts of the golf cage; there are four posts that will be 10 feet apart. The posts can be any type of sturdy material such as wood or steel beams. The posts should be around 12 feet in length as you will be burying part of the posts in the ground. When you dig the holes, two of them should be directly across from each other horizontally and the other two should be on each side at 45-degree angles. The shape will almost resemble a "U" except the sides will go out farther.
Step 2
Pack the dirt in around the posts. If you want to make the golf cage permanent you can fill the holes surrounding the posts with concrete.
Step 3
Cut 1-foot ties out of the nylon rope to use to attach the 10-foot by 10-foot baffle nets, or tarps, to the posts. Baffle nets are nets that are woven very tightly, which means a golf ball cannot get through the holes. Leave some slack when you attach the nets to the posts so that the ball does not come flying back at you when you hit it into the net or tarp.
Step 4
Use eight 12-foot pieces of nylon rope to stake the golf cage. Attach two pieces to the tops of each post and anchor into the ground behind the golf cage with metal ground stakes. You may need a mallet to get the stakes into the ground. This will help keep the golf cage in place in the event of strong winds.

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