Getting the Golf Ball in the Air on a Downswing

By Britt Barclay

One of the common misconceptions of beginner golfers is that to add loft to the ball's flight the club must be moving upward. The reality, however, is that a golf club is designed to hit the ball at the very end of the downswing. The loft of the club will elevate the ball itself. In doing this the ball is compressed and spins backwards; this technique is extremely useful for shots that require the ball to land and stop quickly or even stop and roll backwards.


Difficulty: Moderate
Step 1
Take a normal stance beside your ball and step a few inches back. Perform a few practice swings, noting where your club brushes the grass.
Step 2
Step up to the ball so that the place your club will brush the ground is just in front of the ball; in other words, the ball should be a few inches before the low point in your swing.
Step 3
Take your normal golf swing, paying attention to where the divot is after the ball has been struck. The divot should be in front of where the ball was.
Step 4
Practice this process on the driving range until it has become second nature and the natural urge to swing upward has passed.

Tips & Warnings

A divot should be taken after contact with the ball has been made. Always replace divots.
A divot should be taken after contact with the ball has been made.
Always replace divots.

About The Author

Christian Barclay is currently an undergraduate in the Farmer School of Business at Miami University of Ohio. He has research experience in the field of chemical engineering and interned this previous summer at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza in Cairo, Egypt. He has written for Demand Studios since May 2009 and has been published on and


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