How to Grip a Golf Club for Tricks

By Andrew Smith

Learning golf club tricks can be a way to impress your friends and have some fun if you are not playing 18 holes. Before you can work on these tricks, though, you must first learn how to properly grip the club. Gripping a golf club for tricks is similar to how you would grip the club before teeing off. The biggest difference is that you only grip the club with your dominant hand while performing tricks.


Difficulty: Easy
Step 1
Open the palm of your dominant (writing) hand. Then, tilt your palm so that it is facing up.
Step 2
Place the top of the golf club diagonally across the fingers of your open hand so that the base of the grip on the club is making contact with the bottom of your little, or pinky, finger. The head of the club should be positioned away from your body with the tip of the head pointed to the right if you're right handed and to the left if you're left handed.
Step 3
Move the golf club up your fingers so that the ring, middle and index fingers are positioned at about the center of the grip on the club, which should still lay diagonally across your fingers.
Step 4
Close all four fingers around the grip of the club. Just as with a standard golf club, you want a nice, relaxed grip on the club. There should also be just a small amount of space between your index and middle fingers. Unlike a standard golf grip, however, your pinky should also be gripping the club and it should be touching your ring finger.
Step 5
Place your thumb on the grip of the club. Your thumb can either lay flat on the grip or slightly off to the side. For tricks, it will based upon preference so use both methods until you find the one that is most comfortable for you.
Step 6
Slide your hand down the grip of the golf club so that the tip of your thumb is touching the bottom of the grip. By doing this, you will be able to maneuver the club easier when attempting to scoop or bounce a golf ball. This is the same concept as "choking up" on a baseball bat.

Tips & Warnings

If you are a golfer with a fairly strong wrist, you can position your thumb half an inch to an inch away from the bottom of the grip of the club.

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Andrew Smith has been a freelance writer since 2006, specializing in sports and technology. His work has appeared on various online sites. Smith has a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Pennsylvania State University.


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