Golf Pitching Tips

By Patrick Foley

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Pitching is extremely important to having a well-rounded and successful golf game. Pitching is the short-range shots that are completed under about 80 yards. This is crucial to having a strong golf game and improves the most important facet---the short game. Developing a pitching game where you can put it close on the green will give more opportunities for birdies and knocking strokes off the score. Here are a few tips to think about when pitching.


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  1. Set your weight. When setting up for a pitch, more weight should be put on the forward side of the body. There should be a little more than 60 percent of your weight on the front foot of your body. This will help you to make proper contact and stay down on the ball.
  2. Create your swing length. Swing length is what will determine how far a shot will travel. Develop a feel for how far you will need to take the club back to hit proper shots. Practice hitting with different swing lengths and develop the feel for the distances that you hit them.
  3. Accelerate through. When hitting a pitch shot, always accelerate through the ball. Don't try to help the ball or slow down to make the shot softer. The key to making proper contact is to swing through.
  4. Keep the head down. Don't come up on the ball when making a swing. When completing these few steps try to focus on execution and this will create the best results. Practice is also extremely important to your short game. Always practice when going to the range to get a feel for what clubs are needed for what distances.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep the head down. Let the club do the work.
  • Keep the head down.
  • Let the club do the work.

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