Chipping Golf Tips

By Patrick Foley

The short game is the most crucial part of knocking strokes off of your score. Chipping around the green is essential to making a birdie on a par 5, or knocking it close to save par on a par 4. It is imperative to hone your game around the green to save multiple shots a round and to become a much more successful golfer.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Step 1
Analyze the shot: Look at the shot you are about to hit and decide how you are going to approach it. Are you going to bump and run, hit it high and soft or hit a basic chip? Look to see what type of shot will be the most effective and commit to it. Don't just go up and hit any shot; develop a shot that will be the most effective and use it.
Step 2
When hitting chip shots always remember to accelerate through the ball. This will lead to proper contact and lower the chance of miss hits. It will also be important to hitting true shots and creating true feel.
Step 3
Target: When preparing for a chip shot aim for a circle area around the pin of about 2 feet. Then approach the shot to get into that area. This will help to lead to more consistent shots and it will be easier to have a makeable putt. Always focus on the target area.
Step 4
Place the ball in the center of the stance. Allow for the club to do the work. For a bump and run put the ball forward into the stance allowing for a flat flight. For hitting it high and soft put the ball back in the stance. Then for a normal chip keep the ball in the middle of the stance.
Step 5
Stance: When hitting chips always open up the stance a little bit to allow for softer shots. It also helps to keep the ball online in short distances.

Tips & Warnings

Stay down on the ball

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Patrick Foley is a writer from Phoenix, AZ. He is a sports fanatic and loves football, golf, and track. He has been writing for Golf Link for almost a year. He is a college football player at the University of Pennsylvania. He is enrolled in the Wharton Business School.He has have a wide set of skills in writing and marketing.


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