Tips on Purchasing Golf Clubs

By Nichole Brophy

Getting professionally fit for golf clubs is a luxury not everyone can afford. However, it is important to adhere to some fitting guidelines when shopping for clubs on your own. To avoid an improper fit that can reek havoc on your game, select a closer-to-custom set of clubs.


Difficulty: Moderate
Step 1
Get measured. Any reputable golf equipment retailer will have a measuring tool on hand. Determining the appropriate length of club is an integral element in making sure clubs fit you. While there is a standard industry length, many times golf clubs can be cut down or special ordered in extended lengths to fit a specific golfer.
Step 2
Figure out your swing speed in order to find your best flex. Many club manufacturers suggest specific shaft flexes based upon swing speed. Most golf retailers and teaching facilities house launch monitors and high-speed cameras that can record your swing speed.
Step 3
Select a few brands to test drive.
Step 4
Sample your top contenders in the store or ask if the retailer offers customers the option to try tester clubs on the range. It is essential to know how a new set of clubs feel and react when hit off turf.
Step 5
Weed out clubs that don't fit the bill. Try not to spend too much time deciding if a particular club is "the one." When a club's aesthetics and performance converge to your liking the decision will be an easy one to make.
Step 6
Pick a stick. Although appearance isn't everything, setting up to the ball with a club that makes you feel confident will speak numbers on the course and most importantly on the scorecard.

About The Author

Nichole Brophy is a golf journalist whose ventures in the sport have led her to numerous golf destinations including the birthplace of the game. Brophy regularly interviews and features PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour players. Her most recent interviewees include Sergio Garcia, Tom Lehman and Peter Jacobsen.


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