How to Read a Tee Shot in Golf

By Patrick Foley

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Reading and setting up a tee shot in golf is a part of the game many people overlook. Most golfers just go up and try to kill the ball. There are many important things to do before hitting a tee shot to help prepare for success. When preparing for a tee shot, always remember to look at the hole layout, set a line for your shot and visualize the shot you are about to attempt. Using these three simple ideas will lead to more accurate tee shots and better scores.


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  1. Look at the hole layout and find hazards, sand traps, trouble areas and tight parts of the fairway. Decide where you can hit a comfortable shot that is within your skill range. Don't expect to hit a perfect shot every time, because that is impossible for any golfer. Decide on a feasible shot and be ready to execute.
  2. Set a line for your shot with your setup. Set up so your feet are parallel to your desired ball flight. Imagine a straight line coming across your feet and down the course, and this will be the desired path of your ball. Don't use the club to aim a shot; use your body as the setup and line of the upcoming shot. If you try to control the line with the club, this may lead to hooks and slices.
  3. Before beginning a swing, visualize yourself executing the shot just how you wish. It is important to see it in your mind so that you can execute it on the course. Visualization is necessary for success, and it helps you to understand what you are trying to accomplish with the shot.

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