Pendulum Putting Style

By Teresa Justine Kelly

There are two putting styles in golf, but the pendulum style appears to be the preferred method for most professionals. Since putting accounts for almost half of the strokes you will make in your golf game, it is understandable that you should pay particular attention to it. Like the pendulum in a metronome, your back stroke should mirror your forward stroke. With a few steps you can eliminate many putting strokes from your game and lower your handicap.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Step 1
Stand relatively tall over the ball with your knees slightly bent. Your eyes should be directly over the ball.
Step 2
Grip your putter with whatever grip style suits you. Your forearms and putter should form a straight line and the shaft of the club and your arms should form a "Y" shape.
Step 3
Play the ball slightly forward in your stance.
Step 4
Place the face of your putter low to the ground behind the ball.
Step 1
Keep the club head low to the ground as you swing the putter away in your back stroke using your arms and shoulders. Keep your wrists and lower body still.
Step 2
Accelerate the putter in your forward stroke using steady rhythm and tempo. Your forward stroke and your back stroke should be of equal length.
Step 3
Hold your finish for at least three seconds before moving your head to see where your ball has traveled. The face of your putter should stay square to the target line throughout the entire putt.

Tips & Warnings

The distance your ball travels will be determined by the length of your stroke. If the putting distance is long, your back stroke and forward stroke should be longer and equal in length. The ball should not be struck harder to accommodate a long putting distance.
Avoid excessive wrist break in your putting stroke. Overactive hands may cause inconsistent ball contact and poor control of distance.

About The Author

Teresa Kelly graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history. She was an editor for seven years for several magazines and publishing houses. Kelly is an avid golfer, a well-known children's book and golf author, and is currently the president of Highview Press/Golfing Lady that produces all occasion golf greeting cards.


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