How to Change the Spark Plug in a Gas Golf Cart

By Bobby Ingram

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The spark plug is a small plug inside the engine of your gas-powered golf cart that ignites the fuel to make your cart go. Sometimes you may have to replace your plug when it becomes worn. Doing so is a simple process, though one which should be done carefully.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
  1. Remove the wires from the tip of the spark plug.
  2. Turn the plug counterclockwise with the wrench to loosen it.
  3. Remove the old spark plug.
  4. Check your cart's manuals for the appropriate gap size and set the gapping tool accordingly.
  5. Use the gapping tool to check that the gap on the new spark plug is the proper size.
  6. Install the new spark plug by turning it clockwise with the wrench, then replacing the wire.

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