How to Find Fitness Advice

By Andrew Smith

Golf is an activity that can help you shed a few extra pounds and get into better shape. One way you can improve your golf game is to improve your golf fitness. Simply going to the gym and lifting weights may help you burn calories, but if you want to improve your golf fitness, you should seek out advice. Fortunately, there are several places you can turn to in order to find fitness advice that could lead to your shedding excess strokes from your golf game.


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Step 1
Go to your personal physician for fitness advice. Whether you are training for golf or just trying to get in shape, you should always speak with your doctor before you start a new workout. Your doctor will inform you if you should lose weight and how much weight to lose as well as offer advice on strength training. Your doctor may even suggest a specific personal trainer or fitness center.
Step 2
Use a personal trainer. When you explain to the trainer that you are looking to improve your golf game by working out, this person will be able to offer advice on specific exercises you should perform. These exercises will include weight training, cardiovascular exercises, and activities you can do outside of the gym.
Step 3
Read Golf Fitness Magazine. Just as the name suggests, this magazine publishes articles and advice on improving your golf game through exercise. You can subscribe to this magazine or read it for free at a local library. The Golf Fitness Magazine website (see Resources) is another resource you should use. This website contains articles, videos and blogs that offer free golf fitness advice.
Step 4
Watch the Mike Pedersen Golf Tips videos (see Resources). Mike Pedersen, a golf fitness guru who has written a book and runs a golf fitness blog, posts free videos and articles on his website. These instructional videos will show you numerous different exercises you can perform to increase your fitness and add a few extra yards to your drives.
Step 5
Find golf fitness advice in "Complete Conditioning for Golf" (see Resources). This book, containing a workout program that can improve your overall golf fitness, was written by two men who have had fitness articles published in magazines such as Golf Digest, Golf World and Golf Magazine. The book also comes with a 75-minute DVD that demonstrates the exercises listed in the book.

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