Proper Golf Grip & Arm Position to Improve Your Golf Swing

By John Wagner

Grip club in fingers, below line
The foundation of a good golf swing begins with a good grip. Your grip will effect how well you swing the club and where the ball goes. Obviously, that makes the grip an integral part of hitting a good shot. There are a few keys to the grip, but once you learn them you will have a grip for life.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Step 1
Grip the club with your left hand first. Feel the club sit in your fingers rather than your palm. Let your left thumb sit slightly on the right side of the grip. Make sure the club face stays square as you put your left hand on the grip.
Step 2
Keep the club face square as you put on your right hand. Overlap your right pinky finger in between the index and middle fingers of your left hand. Let your right hand fold on top of your left. Feel the grip in the fingers of your right hand, not the palm.
Step 3
Your left thumb should be covered by the right hand. Let your right thumb sit on the left side of the grip. Keep the grip pressure in both hands light.
Step 4
Let your arms hang naturally down from your shoulders. Relax both arms. You should feel loose, not tight.
Step 5
Bend the right elbow slightly as you keep the left arm fairly straight. Practice this process of setting up until it feels natural.

Tips & Warnings

Copy the line I drew on my glove. Remember, always grip in the fingers.
Never grip the club in your palm. This causes weak shots and makes it hard to properly cock the wrist.

About The Author

John Wagner is a certified golf instructor and professional golfer with over eight years of experience. As a certified GolfTEC and Chuck Cook golf instructor, he has given over 3,000 golf lessons. John writes for and has over 40 articles published.

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