How to Find the Value of a Masters Golf Tournament Pin

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Most golf enthusiasts own a collection of tournament pins, and on occasion they may want to know the market value of their rare sports memorabilia. This will help determine a dollar amount should the holder decide to sell the item to another golf enthusiast. Often, the pin's value is overestimated in their mind due to the nostalgia or memories associated with the item. However, some older pins as well as those from memorable years can sell for more than $1,000. 


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Step 1
Call sports memorabilia stores. The telephone could become your best way to find the value of your Masters golf tournament pin. Contacting sports memorabilia stores will help ascertain the value range of the tournament pin on the open market. They can also help identify potential parties that would be interested in purchasing your pin collection.
Step 2
Research price guides. There are many different price guides available to assist you with determining an estimated value for golf tournament pins. The editors of these guides are in constant dialog with sports memorabilia dealers all throughout the world to gauge the market value for items. Beckett is by far the most widely recognized dealer in the industry.
Step 3
Surf the web to determine the pricing index for golf tournament pins on online auction and sports memorabilia websites. They are very helpful in looking up current pricing of items, and they have archived histories of similar sports memorabilia items recently sold. Also, they will have upcoming auction dates in your area, with a description of each item up for bid. Steiner Sports is one of the largest online sports memorabilia companies.
Step 4
Trust a professional appraiser to offer an opinion on the true value of your golf tournament pins. They can determine the condition and authenticity of your pin, as an appraiser can often spot a fake item at first glance. A professional appraisal report is needed to assign a dollar value for insurance purposes in case of theft or loss.
Step 5
Study previous sales history. Golf tournament pins are usually sold as single items, as many have been sitting in bank vaults for years. Some sports memorabilia owners will have membership to auction websites that will give them access to their sales history database. This will help owners determine the market value for their pins and monitor what items sports collectors are currently bidding on.


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