How to Design a Golf T-Shirt

By Herm Otto

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Golf T-shirts are a great giveaway for golf tournaments. When ordered in sufficient quantity, they are reasonable in price, and most participants appreciate a souvenir that has practical use in the future. The provider benefits from the good will and the future advertising, particularly with a well-designed T-shirt.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
  1. Select the T-shirt that you wish to use. Consider the range of available colors, materials and sizes. If the sponsor has particular color requirements, make sure your T-shirt and imprint/embroider graphics/text are available in those colors. The preferred material for breathability is 100 percent cotton. Embroidered graphics are more durable than imprinted graphics, but are also more expensive. Available sizes should include S, M, L, XL and XXL as a minimum. XXXL is also desired if possible. Golf T-shirts are preferred in larger sizes so that they are roomy enough to accommodate a golf swing.
  2. Select the T-shirt (field) color and the graphics color(s). You may be restricted by the sponsor or event trademark colors. But if you have some freedom of choice, consider: Black and white are neutral and easy to match with almost any color. Dual colors are most appealing together when they are complementary (directly across from each other on a color wheel), such as red/green, blue/orange or yellow/violet. Tri-color designs are most appealing when they form a triangle on a color wheel, such as red/blue/yellow or green/orange/violet. High contrast (the difference between dark and light colors) is important for legibility. Also consider whether you prefer your contrast positive (dark graphics/light field) or negative (light graphics, dark field).
  3. Select the graphics/text that you wish to use. Sponsors and events often have a logo and/or a text font (style) associated with them. It is their "brand" and may even be a registered trademark. If the sponsor and/or event has such a trademark, make it the primary graphic on the T-shirt.
  4. Select the location(s) for the graphics to be imprinted or embroidered on the T-shirt. There are five typical locations: The full front, the front left chest, the full back, the left sleeve and the right sleeve. The best exposure and opportunity for larger graphics are the full front and full back. The least exposure is on the sleeves. Multiple locations are good for multiple trademarks such as separate event and sponsor trademarks or separate cosponsor trademarks. The more locations, the more the imprinting/embroidering cost.
  5. Order the T-shirts in sufficient quantities to cover the event participation if the graphics are specific to the event. Larger quantities let you take advantage of larger discounts, if the graphics are not event-specific. Providers can then use the additional quantities for other promotional purposes. A pre-determined standard mix of sizes is the normal way the T-shirts are delivered, but you may be able to order extra quantities of specific sizes as a special order.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you wish the T-shirts to be worn at the event, it is best to provide them to the participants in advance of the event.
  • Remember that some golf courses have a dress code that requires a collared golf shirt. If your event is at such a course, either the T-shirts will be worn over a collared golf shirt or they will not be worn at the event.

About the Author

Herm Otto is an architect and was a university instructor for over 25 years. He is also an avid golfer who began golfing 10 years ago. As a Demand Studios writer, Otto writes golf and travel articles for GolfLink. He now resides in Arizona.