How to Tend the Flag in Golf

By Nichole Brophy

As with anything in golf, knowing where to aim is the name of the game. Using the flagstick to signal the hole for fellow players is a common courtesy that pays off big on the scorecard. Honing your techniques for properly tending the pin can help ensure a smoother, more enjoyable golf experience.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Step 1
Determine who has the next turn. The player farthest from the pin typically takes his turn first.
Step 2
Grab the flagstick and the player whether she wants the pin in or out of the cup.
Step 3
Holding the flagstick near the center of the pole, slightly lift it out of its anchoring plug and angle it toward you. Lifting the pin ensures you can remove it once the ball is on its way to the cup.
Step 4
Remove the pin from the cup swiftly as the ball comes.
Step 5
Repeat the steps for each player.
Step 6
Replace the flagstick after the last player sinks his final shot on that hole.

Tips & Warnings

If no one offers and you want the pin tended for your shot, do not be afraid to ask. It is a common golf courtesy, and you would oblige another player's request as she should yours.

About The Author

Nichole Brophy is a golf journalist whose ventures in the sport have led her to numerous golf destinations including the birthplace of the game. Brophy regularly interviews and features PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour players. Her most recent interviewees include Sergio Garcia, Tom Lehman and Peter Jacobsen.


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