How to Use Lighter Fluid & Carpet Tape to Put on Golf Grips

By Bill Herrfeldt

OK, you need to put grips on golfclub, but you have none of the right materials to do the job. Don't despair. Experienced golfers who routinely replace their grips find things around the house that will work almost as well. For example, if you're a smoker, and you use a lighter, maybe you have a supply of lighter fluid that will serve the same purpose as grip solvent. And if you have recently put down new carpeting, you may have some tape you used that will suffice for regular double-sided tape. You can proceed to do the job and get back on the golf course in nothing flat.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Step 1
Strip off the old grips by using a sharp knife. Then use the same knife to remove the tape that was under the grips. Make sure you remove all the tape because you don't want to feel the remnants through the new grips. And be especially careful not to damage your shafts if they are made of graphite.
Step 2
Wrap the tops of your shafts with carpet tape, down to where the grips will end. Carpet tape is a little thicker that double-sided tape but you will hardly know the difference.
Step 3
Completely soak the carpet tape with the lighter fluid. Then squirt a little of it into your grips and rotate them until the lighter fluid has completely saturated the inside of the grips.
Step 4
Gently slide each grip onto your shafts, making sure that they are down the shaft as far as they can go. A good way to be sure is to rap the butt end of your club on a hard surface. Then make any final adjustments to your grips because you have at least a half hour before the lighter fluid begins to dry. It is critical that the grips are lined up properly. (Some grips have diagrams of where your hands are to be placed.)

Tips & Warnings

Refrain from smoking when using lighter fluid, or you might create a fire or explosion.

About The Author

Bill Herrfeldt specializes in finance, sports and the needs of retiring people, and has been published in the national edition of "Erickson Tribune," the "Washington Post" and the "Arizona Republic." He graduated from the University of Louisville.

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