How to Hit the Golf Ball 300 Yards

By Steve Smith

A good golfer can hit the ball 300 yards on a good day. It's not just about power, they will tell you, it is about how you hit the golf ball. There is enough power generated by the swing and force of the golf club to send the ball great distances, but it is how the power is transferred to the ball, along with a number of other aerodynamic influences (like backspin, which creates loft) that affect how far the ball travels. To hit a ball 300 yards, work on your stroke and perfect it to achieve maximum power.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
Step 1
Set your stance so the front foot is just slightly in front of the ball and the other is behind it by about 2 feet.
Step 2
Keep your weight planted on the back foot as you swing the driver back in your backswing.
Step 3
Swing the driver as far back as possible in this backswing, pivoting your hips back as you do this. Keep your arms and hands loose and not engaged as you complete the entire swing.
Step 4
Begin the downswing by swinging the club down and rotating your body, keeping the clubhead and arms in line all the way through the swing.
Step 5
Swing the club down and through the ball so the driver head connects with the center of the ball, and then follow through, rotating your hips and shoulders forward in one fluid motion. This provides extra force and completes the drive.

Tips & Warnings

Always keep between 60 to 80 percent of your weight on your back foot until you drive through the ball. Never move your body forward or lean forward into the swing. Instead, rotate your body and bring the driver around by turning your hips and shoulders on the upswing.

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