How to Build a Miniature Golf Course

By Bobby Ingram

Miniature golf is a fun activity, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages. If you have a large enough yard, and are willing to commit some of the yard to a miniature golf course, it is possible to make your own miniature golf course. Once you've created your own course, you can play with friends any time you want without having to spend money on your rounds.


Difficulty: Moderate
Step 1
Carefully measure the available portions of your yard before any planning of your course. It is important to know the exact dimensions you will be working with to best plan your course.
Step 2
Plan out the design for your course before any construction. This will prevent you from wasting time on construction only to run out of space for your holes, and will allow you to balance the easy and harder holes throughout your course, for a more fun playing experience.
Step 3
Shovel dirt to create natural hills and valleys on which to lay your holes' turf, and use the dirt rake to smooth out flat portions of the greens.
Step 4
Tamp the dirt down until it is fully packed. If you leave dirt unpacked, it will settle as players walk on it and compact it down.
Step 5
Dig a hole that is six inches deep for your hole, insert a piece of PVC so that the top of it is level with the ground, and fill in the hole around it.
Step 6
Lay the turf across the shaped dirt, and cut a hole out of the turf for the mouth of the hole.
Step 7
Use the four-by-fours to create walls around each hole to prevent balls from straying off the hole.
Step 8
Construct obstacles for your holes with the two-by-fours. One design to try is a narrow bridge a ball must cross over in order to travel straight toward the hole, whereas a stray shot causes the ball to fall to the side, requiring an extra stroke to hole out.
Step 9
Use natural objects like rocks to make quick obstacles for your holes.
Step 10
Use household items you no longer use as a cheap source for potential obstacles. Any item can be used to make a fun hole if enough thought is put into its implementation.

About The Author

Bobby Ingram is a professional writer who majored in journalism at The College of New Jersey. In addition to work with and, Bobby has done PR with Major League Lacrosse's New Jersey Pride organization, where he served as the team's beat reporter.

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